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  • Set a deadline for the period of time you want to have hired your new Officemanager.
  • On (in)definite contract or in secondment?
  • You are not searching for a 'standard person', are you?
  • No, we did not think so. Therefore, please, write a fitting job description, not a standard one
  • Is it an existing job?
  • If so, most probably the job has changed and/or became extended due to the last employee having done extra duties
  • Thus get the relevant information from the employee in question and add it to the job description
  • Check the resumes, divide them in groups (interesting, potential candidates, and 'no go')
  • Interview at most the 4-5 most fitting candidates
  • Does or do the potential candidate(s) seem to be a fit with your corporate culture?
  • And offer the most suitable candidate, with whom 'it clicks' , a(n) (in)definite contract with a salary in conformity with the market, age and skills (and preferably better!)

Yes, it is a lot of work. If you want our help, please, do not hesitate to ask. We might even have your ideal candidate in our network already. >>


Need a multilingual Office Manager?


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PA Online's Office Manager, the allround support in your office

Our network of experienced PA’s (top 5%)

Our Personal Assistants have an extensive experience in the profit and non profit sectors. They are reliable, integer, loyal and present themselves well. Many speak several languages and hardly need an induction period.

Foto Franziska en Marieke, recruiters @ PA Online

Recruiters with years of experience and PA background

Our consultants themselves have been international Personal Assistants. Thus know their trade, both as a PA and as a recruiter. We do know our PA’s and Management Assistants as well as their skills. We do not send out resumes without know our candidates. 

PA van PA Online bellend

Fast placement possible (follow up 1-2 hours)

PA Online reacts fast, even faster on urgencies. Since ‘urgent’ means today, we react within 1-2 hours. You do too, don’t you? We are almost 24/7 reachable. So, if you realize on Saturday that you need a PA the coming Monday, let us know!

Find your ideal Office Manager fast without endless interviews

PA Online’s personal approach

In secondment

Are you looking for a top 5% PA to assist you for a longer period of time? If so, choose for in secondment. Our experienced PA’s are full-time as well as part-time available.


Are you looking for a top 5% PA to hire directly? Allow us to do the recruitment for you, saving you both time and money. Your PA starts on a labour contract with your company. 

What do our clients say about PA Online?

Jules de Vet
Jules de VetAlgemeen directeur Pantar
Lees verder
"Je hebt goede directiesecretaresses en je hebt heel goede directiesecretaresses. Daarboven is nog een categorie: Laura. Bovendien: je hebt goede PA’s en je hebt heel goede PA’s: en opnieuw is daarboven de groep Laura. Kortom, wat een topper!"
Raymon van der Velde
Raymon van der VeldeEigenaar EclecticQ
Lees verder
"Working with Franziska (PAOnline) to find a good candidate was refreshing. She truly understands the value of a great PA and appreciates the human factor in doing business."
Mario van den Broek
Mario van den BroekPartner RSM Belastingadviseurs
Lees verder
"Ik vind de enorme betrokkenheid van PA Online de basis voor onze prettige samenwerking. Bijna 24 uur per dag kun je terecht met vragen of opmerkingen in de zoektocht naar een goede secretaresse of Personal Assistant. Excellente service gekoppeld aan een pool van sterke kandidaten maken dat PA Online de partij is om zaken mee te doen en ik zal zeker terugkeren als wij weer een dringende behoefte aan goede mensen hebben."
Simon Slooten
Simon SlootenFounder Prisma IT
Lees verder
"Ik ben erg blij met Kimberley. De samenwerking gaat goed en ze neemt nu al veel werk uit handen. Dank voor jullie bemiddeling."
Deutsche Post
The Bank of NY Mellon
Stork Technical Services
Kuhne + Nagel
Bridgekeeper Financial Services

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