Personal Assistant, FT, Brussels, Belgium (Ingevuld)

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Personal Assistant, FT, Brussels, Belgium (NL/E/F)

We are looking for a very experienced Personal Assistant, FT, Brussels (NL/E/F), Belgium for the CEO of an international financial organization.

Since the CEO is extremely busy, travelling all the time and as such is a high level role at the international financial organization, we are rather ´picky´ in relation to finding the right PA on behalf of the CEO.

The role is vacant on initially interim basis, to be followed by a long(er) term contract for the right candidate and when parties agree on such.

Position Summary:

The Personal Assistant provides high-level support to the CEO of the SA/NV as well as to the Chairman, the INEDs (external), all senior executive visitors (EMEA and US) and visiting clients, regulators or other stakeholder. The role is based in Brussels.

Absolute Main Responsibilities:

  • Extensive complex schedule management: Coordinate the CEO’s diary, prioritizing functions and appointments, ensuring that meetings, deadlines, presentations and other duties of the executive office are carried out seamlessly and deadlines are met.
  • Complex travel itineraries: Making complex travel arrangements, coordinating flights, accommodations and other itinerary specifics. When the executive has conflicting priorities, he/she must balance those duties to make sure key projects meet deadlines.
  • Board Liaison: Serve as the liaison between the executive offices, board and extended executive members. Facilitate communication, plan events, distribute information, draft agendas, schedule meetings, and record minutes. Guarantee the seamless organization of executive and board meetings as well as leadership team meetings or other meetings to be organized either on the request of the CEO or other senior EMEA or Global Managers. This includes also independent organization of inductions programs for global senior executives in Brussels as well as for INEDs and other newly added senior management team members in Brussels, the UK and the US.
  • Gatekeeping: Having the significant responsibility to position herself between the public, clients and customers, staff members and the CEO. In this capacity, he/she screens phone calls, takes requests for meetings and coordinates various aspects of interdepartmental communication as necessary.
  • Judgment: The Personal Assistant must be able to work without much direction to make sound decisions without supervision. He/she needs to anticipate or recognize problems and refer them immediately to the right person for resolution. He/she also needs to understand logic, reasoning, mathematical methods and statistics to determine the strengths and weaknesses of solutions to problems. He/she must be able to find ‘common threats’ among unrelated events to draw conclusions about potential issues.

Additional Responsibilities (though the above are absolutely key & when there is time)

  • Records Management: He/she is responsible for setting up and managing both electronic and paper filing systems, as well as taking steps to maintain that the company complies with all applicable record-keeping requirements.
  • Teamwork: He/she must be part of a team that includes the CEO and other employees and must establish and maintain working relationships with staff at all corporate levels as well as with clients, regulators and other stakeholders. He/she must see herself as partner to her CEO and other senior executives. He/she must also collaborate with the CEO and work to form and accomplish mutual goals. In order to provide excellent support to the CEO when travelling it is imperative that he/she has an excellent PA network within all SA/NV branches as well as the UK and the US.
  • Stakeholders and Clients: Be the liaison with outside business organizations, such as AFME, AmCham, KPMG, and regulators, such as ECB, NBB, and clients. This includes, but is not limited, the organisation of regulatory meetings not only in Brussels but also in our locations in London and New York as well as all SA/NV Branch locations.
  • Communication and Presentations: Be well versed in writing (English and Dutch), draft correspondence. When writing on behalf of the bank always shape a positive image of the bank. Know grammar, punctuation and spelling perfectly. When speaking with co-workers at all levels or members of the public talk in clear and concise sentences. Listen to the needs of others and give complete attention to what people say and ask questions to understand their concerns.

Governance Responsibilities

  • Contribute to the efficiency of the CEO and the related global Executive Offices.
  • Have a solid understanding of the Belgian and EMEA governance framework, including escalation requirements.

Generic Responsibilities:

  • Comply with corporate policies and procedures, including HR policies and procedures, applicable to principal.
  • Observe the branch’s work regulations as well as the code of conduct.
  • Comply with all Security and Health & Safety policies and procedures operating within the busines


Secondary school or the equivalent combination and/or secretarial education and experience are required

Experience and skills:

  • Previous assistance experience of minimum 6 years in a comparable position is a must
  • Excellent knowledge of English and Dutch, both written and oral, French is a pre
  • Outstanding knowledge of Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Must be very familiar with and highly able to use IT products, such as personal computer, iPads as well as all online forms (IT portal, SAM requests)
  • Skilled in typing, shorthand, and/or dictation, advance proofreading/editing and word processing.
  • Effective collaboration and communication skills are required, including information exchange with internal and external contacts. Tact, diplomacy and confidentiality are essential skills based on the level of internal and external contacts.
  • Superb organizational skills and be able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and therefore manage priorities, establish and meet deadlines.
  • Must have sound judgment and understand the importance of teamwork, to work with CAO and related Senior Executive PAs in EMEA and the US
  • Must be result oriented, aware of the bottom line and focused on achieving the required results in a timely manner
  • Flexibility, proactivity, and working well under pressure are vital.

Are you the experienced Executive Board PA in / near Brussels we are looking for?

  • Do you master the Dutch (Flemish), English and French languages?
  • Do you have an extensive working experience as a PA on behalf of a CEO of an international finance organization?
  • Are you well experienced with MS Office, including Excel and PowerPoint? Also Prezi?
  • Are you an excellent planner?
  • Are you extremely stress resistant?
  • Do you get energy from having a stressy job with a lot of ‘puzzles’ to solve?
  • Are you currently available?
  • Are you full-time available?

If you check all the boxes, we are looking for you! Please, send us your resume in English through our registration form a.s.a.p..