Recruitment of multilingual Top Office Manager


In the recruitment business a fee of 22%, 25%, 30% or even 35% over the gross yearly salary in relation to the candidate to be hired plus emoluments is common.


Since the start we have been charging a 20% recruitment fee.

In spite of the lower fee we offer top level office support and thus high quality candidates.

How will your new experienced Office Manager help you?

Will you choose cost efficiency and therefore accept our offer?>>

You convinced me!


I herewith request you to recruit my new experienced multilingual Top Office Manager:

Always a good match

Fast placement possible

Customization on your organization

Why do our clients choose PA Online for their PA recruitment?

PA Online's Office Manager, the allround support in your office

Extensive network of experienced Top Level PA’s (top 5%)

Our Personal Assistants have extensive experience in the profit and non profit sector. They are reliable, integer, loyal, present themselves well, master several languages and work hard.

Foto Franziska en Marieke, recruitment consultants @ PA Online

Experienced recruiters with a background of being an international PA themselves

Our Consultants have been international PA’s themselves. Therefore they know the job inside and out.

Also, we really know our candidates as well as their skills. 

PA van PA Online bellend

Fast placement possible (usually reaction with within 1-2 hours)

We respond to emergencies immediately, as well as on any request. With us ‘urgent’ means TODAY, within 1-2 hours. Same with you, we gather? You can reach us almost 24/7.  So, need a PA by Monday though it is weekend, do not hesitate to contact us (by phone and online)! 

Finding your experienced Personal Assistant fast without having to go through all those resumes, letters and interviews?

Customization for your organization by PA Online


Looking for a top 5% PA to offer you support on a temporary basis? Our experienced PA’s are both full-time and part-time available. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Recruitment / placement

Looking for a top 5% PA to offer an employment contract? Allow us to do the recruitment process for you, saving you time and money.

Especially making use of the special CORONA TIME OFFER above.

Find the ideal Personal Assistant through PA Online and save on time and money