Recruitment and temp assignments for multilingual Personal Assistants, HR and office support

Do you need an outstanding PA, office assistant and/or HR staff? Multilingual?

Our Personal Assistants, office assistants and HR staff with a keen interest in working at an international organisation are looking for you!

The Director and the PA form a team. So does working at top level and enjoying it! According to us one is not possible without the other. Are you looking for your new PA? Or for interim secretarial assistance during your project or your own secretary’s vacation or maternity leave?

Are you an expat? Do you need a PA who knows ‘the drill’?
PA Online values high standard services and quality. Our PA’s have a long and wide working experience in business life, of whom some lived and worked abroad.

Top level support & enjoying the work

PA Online’s method: We are very interested in the candidate’s interests and or passion during the interview. Afterwards we look for a “matching company”. This might surprise you a little as an employer. However, we believe that when work is or intertwines with a hobby, your company will get the most motivated and loyal employee!

Today’s economy

Things are moving faster and faster. AI, robotics as well as human interest. You want to have a sparring partner. Someone to handle your clients with respect, who offers you the assistance youneed and do his or her utmost for you and your company.

Are you looking for that someone? You have come to the right address!

Our Personal Assistants and Top Secretaries as well as HR staff have a long and wide working experience, most in internationally oriented organizations and sometimes they lived and worked abroad. A number of these candidates has experience with both profit as well as non profit organizations.

At any rate they are many times immediately available and are an active personnel member from day one, whether working on an employment contract with you straight away or interim and thus (first) in secondment. Our candidates easily adjust and have the right and hard working attitude you are looking for.

Do you first prefer an interim solution? That is possible of course. We gladly assist you!

Conversion rate interim services

It might surprise you. However, we prefer a long lasting business relationship. With the high quality standard of our candidates the conversion rate in relation to interim services is 2,15 !

Are you ready to be assisted to do your job (again) as you should do? Please, do not hesitate to contact us or submit your job offer through our Vacancy reporting form.