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PA Online is pleased to introduce to you: Our PA English/Dutch/German fromTilburg

Our PA English/Dutch/German fromTilburg is a dedicated, professional Personal Assistant with broad working experience. She’s an outstanding Personal Assistant with a high level of service-mindedness who is used to act at board level. She is a very flexible, adaptable and responsible assistant with experience in secretarial, organisational, intellectual and time management with the drive and commitment to get any job done even when others have failed, with a feeling for interpersonal contacts. She sets priorities, keeps the helicopter-view while separating main and side issues, she anticipates as much as possible and is a quick thinker which enables her to understand new situations fast and act as a sparring partner. She is quite resourceful in finding solutions for organisational problems and practical solutions in general. She carries out her duties with diligence, conscientiousness and initiative.

She has often been described as a conscientious person; a person one can rely on and is loyal to her employer! Nevertheless, she doesn’t present herself to be prominent but likes to shine behind the screens by detecting problems before they can even occur and prevent them before happening again by taking action including prevention matters in the future by sharing the information about the situation to all employers concerned. Her main concerns are the end results at all times, so time after time she will try to prove herself in finding solutions towards these end goals.

Our PA English/Dutch/German is accurate, enthusiastic, goal oriented, motivated, discrete, committed, a strong organizer and a positive minded solid personality. Prioritizing, organizing and planning are her second nature She has a proactive attitude and a good sense of humor. She has an excellent command of  German and English. She is very stress-resistant, has a high work rate and has a pleasant disposition. Our PA English/Dutch/German fromTilburg is a good communicator and listener, flexible in style and approach. She has the ability to adapt quickly to new situations and to work as good in a team as independently. Working closely with other colleagues and replacing them whenever necessary for her is an obvious thing to do. A good team spirit is essential to get the job done. She is also a good and helpful colleague, honest and discrete. She has a good overview of the workload to set priorities in a proper way and is always one step ahead. She works well in a complex international organization, where she can pay attention to detail and where quality is of paramount importance, as well as being customer and service oriented.

Her ambition is to work in a professional international company, with a good team spirit, a clear vision and a respectful attitude. Our PA English/Dutch/German fromTilburg would welcome the opportunity to meet with you for an in-depth discussion in Dutch, English or German. She will be available for an interview at your earliest convenience.

Our PA English/Dutch/German from Tilburg has a notice period of 1 month.


1988-1991 University, Tilburg, The Netherlands
Preliminary Level Masters Degree (‘Propedeuse’ level)
Subjects Passed: Mathematics, SMT-II (Statistics), SCW-I (Sociology), Sociological History, Computing, Archiving & Librarianship.

COLLEGE, Tilburg, the Netherlands
1986-1988 VWO Level Secondary Education Diploma (Pre-University Level, A-Level A/ Equivalent)
Subjects Passed: Dutch, English, German, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, and History

1980-1986 VWO Level Secondary School Education (GCSE A/B Equivalent)
Subjects Passed: Dutch, English, German, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, History, French, Physics, Latin, and Economics

Dutch               Fluent (reading, writing and speaking)
German            Fluent (reading, writing and speaking)
English             Fluent (reading, writing and speaking)
French              VWO-4 knowledge

MS Office 2003, 2007 and 2010, Apple computers and software
Expert Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint skills. Advanced Microsoft Access skills

2005- to date Technology firm, Tilburg                                                                              

Personal Assistant (CEO), assistant (CFO, CSO, Legal, HRL)

  • Responsible for managing the phone, agendas, archiving;
  • Planning meetings plus note taking, including making action-lists (chase-up), flights and venues including visa;
  • Email-correspondence also in English and German;
  • In case of absence of the CFO making of monthly reports for the Board of Directors;
  • Managing the process of being audited;
  • Maintain international communication channels and information structures, so the director and stakeholders are provided with the necessary information;
  • Project manager for cost reducing projects (stationary, flights and venue) and intranet;
  • I also check all documents to be signed by the director, including the routing of legal documents;
  • I have set-up a new archive for legal documents for the sales and legal department;
  • My task is also to instruct and improve the professionalism of the secretariat (8 other secretaries, of which 2 other secretaries of directors);
  • Therefore I have set up a directory to set standards and manuals plus conducting workshops and guiding career paths;
  • Organisation of HRL meetings (Unions, Works Council), sort out and plan application meetings;
  • Hosting sales meetings with clients.


2004-2005 Commercial company

Personal Assistant

  • Responsible managing the phone for all directors, planning agendas, planning meetings as well as note taking, including making final reports and action-lists, flight and hotel bookings, email-correspondence, developing and maintaining schedules regarding deliverance and payments.
  • Next to this I also managed one phone operator and two technical employees, post handling, receiving guests, explain BSC to managers, maintaining leads-list;
  • Translating documents from Dutch-German, German-Dutch, Dutch-English, English-Dutch;
  • Responsible for cost-reducing projects in the areas of: travelling (from 120.000 to 69.000), postal service, sort out old claims (146.000);
  • I also assisted other departments, which included HRM, Sales and Purchase.


2002-2004 Non profit                                                                            

Executive Secretary

  • Responsible for answering phone calls for the director and sub-director, scheduling their agendas, planning and making any preparations for any management-meetings, taking notes, making action-lists and follow-up, preparing or gathering any documents needed for any members of management, preparing presentations, booking restaurants and locations for meetings, correspondence, reception of guests, note taking, etc.;
  • I have also set up a new  electronic archive for management documents.


2000-10/2001 Mobile phone distributor, Newbury, England

Sub Project Manager

  • A customer facing job, providing sub-project management support to a 3G network design project for Vodafone;
  • Involved planning milestones and deadlines, customer contact and managing a small team of 8 people; Responsible for the administrative tasks around document handling for the whole design project.


1995-2000 Mobile phone distributor, Rijen

Patent Assistant

  • Responsible for organising IPR awareness seminars;
  • Secretary of the IPR board, which entails organising IPR review meetings and documenting the review results;
  • Promotion and guidance for employees to submit ideas to the IPR department, the administration of confirmation and financial reward letters, and processing and archiving of submitted ideas.


Technical Secretary

  • Responsible for organising technical review meetings for a number of global technical telecommunication development areas (Also on sight:UK);
  • Areas included: IN, Charging & Accounting, ETSI & ITU;
  • Responsible for formulating agendas, chasing of authors, co-ordinating with development centres around the world (UK, France, Brazil, Denmark, Sweden, and Italy), minute taking and yearly reports;
  • Also responsible for R&D activities: Seminar arrangements, also on sight (venue, travel, accommodation for external visitors, entertainment, food, etc.), Office stationary, Mobile Phone Pool;
  • During this period I have sent in ideas for the company, which could be innovative to the company. This has lead to 2 patents in the area of Bluetooth and a 2nd patent in the area of IN.


Executive Secretary & Planning Assistant

  • Responsible for managing the phone, presentation preparation, flight bookings, correspondence, reception of guests and note taking etc.;
  • Also responsible for developing employee individual planning schedules, cross-checking schedules with reported hours and finally for invoicing the hours.


1993-1995 Market research institute working with CBS, Dongen

Assistant Project Leader

  • Responsible for questionnaire writing, instructing pollsters and for instructing on how to process the research data. Also responsible for cross-checking research data for validity / consistency and drawing up final reports. This involved programming to develop validation / consistency routines and electronic questionnaires.


1991-1993 Commercial company. Tilburg


  • Translation of technical documents.
  • Responsible for the creation of several archives concerning construction drawings and technical documents / books;
  • Maintained a database of spare parts for the factories and responsible for ordering of new spare parts.



Swimming, cycling, reading, music ’80 and ‘90, movies and gardening.


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