The Personal Assistant for Expats

The Personal Assistant (PA), your multi lingual well experienced secretary, management support at the highest level PA Online's Behind every great CEO there is a great PA !

Our Personal Assistants are used to working with expats, CEO’s, CFO’s, COO’s, CIO’s, VP’s and/or having lived abroad themselves, organize your business from A to Z, and help you feeling comfortable in our country. They translate for you and assist you every way they can.

The Personal Assistant (PA) is the multi lingual very experienced secretary, assisting the CEO, CFO, SVP, VP, member of the Board of Directors and Board of Supervisors on a  1:1 basis.

Apart from the business support, the Personal Assistant assists on private matters as well. Such devoted assistance and business knowledge can only be reached after a long and broad secretarial working experience.

Multi lingual, reliable, loyal, discrete and integer

Needless to say that the Personal Assistant masters her languages, of which the English language is the most important one. Some of our Personal Assistants also master the German, French, Spanish, Italian and/or Chinese language!

Since assisting and organizing both business and private matters for her principal are part of the job, the Personal Assistant is well experienced, has strong communicative and organizational skills. Furthermore, she is discrete, loyal, integer and knows her trade.

Just a mouse click away… 

Is this the assistance you are looking for? On a long term or interim basis? Please, do not hesitate to  contact us or through the job offer form.