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In spite of this bizarre time, business goes on

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen CEO, CFO, CIO, CRO, SVP’s and VP”s

Unfortunately sometimes somewhat leaner.

During the credit crunch which started in 2008 quite a few Chief Executives let their PA’s go. This resulted in arranging and organizing their meetings, flights, transfers, hotels, lunches and dinners themselves as well as all mails and correspondence etc..
Of course the Chief Executives did manage. However, it took quite a lot of time. And #Timeismoney. Moreover, the time spent on the above could not in full be spent on doing their own jobs, doing #business.

How about a PA’s network? It does not only consist of getting the job done by knowing who to turn to for what, but also being a kind of a ‘radar’ who picks up messages on family business or insecurities from employees or rumours to be dealt with many times a.s.a.p.. These messages or rumours will not reach the CEO or CFO directly, not even with a so called ‘open door policy’. Though easily forgotten, also for these messages and rumours a PA’s network is an important factor within your organization.

… and all I may have not mentioned here, be sensible and #costefficient by not doing a PA’s job together with your own work and business.
Let a PA do what he or she is good at and trained to do; ASSIST YOU!

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We wish you good business!

Franziska Szabó

Franziska Szabó

Directeur / Consultant van PA ONLINE, recruitment van ervaren meertalige PA's, en zelf voormalig international PA