Celebrating 20 years of PA Online

Foto Franziska en Marieke, recruitment consultants @ PA Online

20 Years recruitment of multilingual PA’s 

Thanks for your business relationship

I was not really thinking about it myself, but because of all the people congratulating me on LinkedIn, I was obviously well reminded of the fact. PA Online was established 20 years ago!

20 Years of recruitment of Personal Assistants, Executive Assistants, Office Managers, Management Assistants and Office Assistants. 20 Years of office and business support.

So much has happened in the meantime. Satisfied customers, happy candidates. That is the ultimate beauty of this work; making people happy with a new job!

Sometimes we ran into a bit of a more difficult period of time. Being an entrepreneur is a volatile business. Goes with the job, so to speak. Especially when dealing with three financial crises in 20 years. But, like I said, that is part of the deal.

We thank you very much for your congratulations and our business relationship with a friendly touch; back then, currently and in the future.

PA Online B.V.
Franziska, PA Online recruitment

Franziska Szabó

Franziska Szabó

Directeur / Consultant van PA ONLINE, recruitment van ervaren meertalige PA's, en zelf voormalig international PA