About us; from PA to PA Online, from Secretary to Secretaressepool

Being a Secretary comes from the heart

You either are a Secretary or not. Providing support is in your blood, or not.

Our Director and owner, a former (international) Personal Assistant has information and service written on her forehead. Our measuring tool and therefore our motto is: First you are a fabulous (Executive) Secretary, only then you are able to become an exceptionally good Personal Assistant! Franziska (founder) was an international PA herself. We therefore know the trade and the ‘tricks’ of the trade, the challenges and solutions like no one else.

This is how our recruitment agency for highly qualified Executive Secretaries and Personal Assistants was established.

How does PA Online Secretaressepool differentiate itself from other agencies?

The answer is simple: if you know the work of a PA inside and out, you recognize the true PA. During the interview with a PA a connection is formed by recognizing the PA in the interviewer and vice versa. No more, no less.

Result: employers immediately understand “OK, you know what I am talking about. You know what I am looking for!” The same applies to the Secretaries. They also contact PA Online directly:

We also differentiate ourselves by an active approach towards the candidate; on the one hand we provide directly from our database, on the other hand we specifically search for a suiting job for the candidate in question. We approach suitable companies directly in relation to, in our view, very suitable jobs for these candidates. During interviews we give extensive attention to the applicants personality and wishes. Experience has taught us to read abilities and skills from the C.V. anyway. Of course: that is our job.

Please, do not forget that matching is one thing, but the click is what we opt for. Especially since the Executive Secretary or PA works very closely together with the President and/or Director.

Secretaressepool, www.secretaressepool.nl, offers office and management support in secondment, in case of sickness or maternity leave of your own employee and/or during projects.

Our Management Assistants have extensive working experience as PA’s, Executive Secretaries and/or Project Assistants, due to which the orientation period is extremely short.

Conversion rate interim services 2,15

Plain and simple: our conversion rate in relation to PA’s and EA’s working in secondment is 2,15. This is also being mentioned on www.paonline.nl and www.secretaressepool.nl.  High quality, low conversion rate.

Fun at work

What makes this profession so beautiful? Easy: A new job and challenge is favoured by everyone.

When a match is made between a company and a great PA or Executive Secretary, and the effect is ‘a big smile’, then our smile grows from ear to ear. It gives a wonderful feeling. As if a good deed has been done. We have made a hobby out of our work.